Scenic is a telepresence free software developed for wide bandwidth network and oriented for live performances.

Scenic is an on stage telepresence system that allows for real time transmission of audiovisual data over any IP network. Telepresence systems can be used in various artistic contexts, so that two different creative spaces can communicate with each other or present a combined performance. Thus, a dramatic work could be performed simultaneously in Paris and Montreal, with actors viewing each other and replying live over the network. The idea can also work during preproduction: the creative director of a stage performance, stationed in one city, could review and comment upon a rehearsal in another city, and this in real time. In one recent demonstration of the technology, the SAT transmitted a concert at the Petite-Vallée Song Festival to four different auditoriums in the Gaspé region of Eastern Quebec. Scenic provides different performance schemes that allow a maximum number of users to participate in a network of learning, research and artistic creation anywhere in the world (bandwidth permitting).

The Scenic development project is a part of the SAT PropulseART research program that was created to facilitate the implementation of remote networking for audiovisual, stage and digital systems between cultural and educational venues and to promote research and creation through new communication technologies. The SAT PropulseART research program will contribute to the emergence of IP broadcasting of works and performances in Canada and elsewhere and the dissemination and archival of such works over the web.


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