HelloWorld is the deployment phase of PropulseArt.

HelloWorld aims to establish long-term projects and partnerships by expanding upon an international network of users. This network will, in turn, fuel the project's evolution through its users' creativity, specific communications needs and emergent business opportunities they may wish to develop.
Partners involved in HelloWorld! are therefore invited to work alongside the SAT's development team to develop and optimize the program's capabilities. Our team is available to guide you through the software installation and network configuration and will be able to provide technical support tailored to your specific needs.

Project Objective
The main objective is to connect a minimum of six cities around the world with the Scenic software developed in the PropulseArt project.

Who can participate ?

Actual Participants

Why should we participate ?

How to participate ?

What are the requirements?:

Here an overview of the basic steps that we initiate with every HelloWorld participant:
You can also explore our more comprehensive wiki page HelloWorldSteps. There you will find a detailed explanation of every step of deployment.

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